Hoy Lari Store - cds & dvds

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Live In Concert DVD

HOY LARI takes you on a magical journey in the classroom and into the jungle where you will meet many of their friends!  


Yerevagayenk DVD

Kids of all ages will sing along and dance with Hoy Lari in this fun-filled, colorful, interactive and educational video. Hoy Lari's music encourages children to sing in Armenian and de­velop the Armenian language, while stimulating their imagina­tion, cognition, and self expression. Come along and let's go on an imaginary journey together!


Khaghaloo CD

A whimsical and more modern vibe to the already fresh and upbeat sound of Hoy Lari. This CD inspires kids to use their imagination and always dance and have fun. This new album also instills in kids the appreciation for family, friends, and our community.


Donenk CD

Our 3rd Cd "Donenk", is an upbeat collection of celebration songs. Sing along with our Armenian Christmas and Easter songs and a new Birthday song too!!!


Getseh Pokreegner CD

"Getseh Pokreegner" is a collection of 14 songs you can sing and dance to with your children. This CD includes traditional Armenian songs, silly animal songs, as well as songs that will encourage your child's imagination.


Jamanagn Eh CD

"Jamanagn eh", our debut CD, released in 2005 has 12 fun, singable, danceable, happy, educational, and imaginative Armenian songs that children of all ages will love.


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